Student Resources:

Pre K & K
Starfall (Reading)
Sesame Street Games (All subjects)
Fisher Price (Learn Your ABC's)
Sunnie's Letters:
A-E   F-J   K-O   P-T   U-Z   
Literacy Center
PK Colors, Numbers, Shapes
Bloope's Colors
Grenelle's Numbers
Educational Games (general)

1st & 2nd Grades
Clifford Story Book (Interactive)
100th Chart
Counting Fish (more than, less than)
Math facts basketball
Animal Jungle Movie
Animal Forest
Animal Forest- Create
Animals  Farm
Animals Farm- Create
Animals Ocean
Animal Ocean- Create
Educational Games (general) 1st   2nd
Spanish- Paco el Chato (for students fluent in Spanish)

3rd & 4th Grades
Money workshop
Monkey Money Mayham
Counting Money
Multiplication Table (Interactive)
Tractor Multiplication (& other math games)
Math Games- (hoodamath)
Physics    Shop   Puzzle      Building  
Number  Logic   Geometry  Racing  
Perimeter & Area
Animal Universe (habitat)
Solar System
Fraction Fun
Reading is fun (Pacific Press Assoc.)
Animated Atlas Movie (American History)
Educational Games (general) 3rd  4th
Spanish- Paco el Chato (for students fluent in Spanish)

5th & 6th Grades
Science-Animals, Plants, Space,  
            Physics, Weather, Anatomy
Go Bananas,
Can you dig,
Math wash up,
Division: Diaper derby
Continents & Ocean (interactive)
        Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4
NASA Kid's Club
Educational Games (general)  5th
Spanish- Paco el Chato (for students fluent in Spanish)
Sumon (math game)
NLVM (National Library of Virtual Manipulatives) 

7th & 8th Grades
(for a detailed list of links for my class visit my page)
Spanish- Paco el Chato (for students fluent in Spanish)

General (may need ID & Password)
Encyclopedia Britannica
Keyboarding Online

Staff Resources:
Teacher Loop (WIKI)
Khan Academy
Math Worksheets
Reading Comprehension Worksheets
Carolina Conference Library (email with the book number and she will check it out for you and send it to you via mail. The book can be returned via mail also. Check out time will be one month to allow for mailing.) (Thousands of sources available to all teachers on many subjects, free)